To-(want-to)-do list

There are a bunch of things i have been wanting to do.

  • Work on a couple of short story ideas that i have(how short should a short story be ? :-?).
  • Try my hand at painting portraits (which i totally suck at. Trust me i do. I did try a bit and based on that i do. Totally!)
  • Write a blog post(which is tick now i guess).
  • Go to Australia alone(Not happening!).
  • Finish the book i am reading(stupid book. i don like it).
  • Catch up with a lot of friends(Sorry no time).
  • Spend some time doing nothing and getting bored. (ahh, the luxury of getting bored..).
  • Work (a little less than i am doing now a days.)
  • Sleep (More than i m doing now a days).
  • Dream less while sleeping(they are too awesome and extremely vivid, they make my life look miserable in comparison. i hate that feeling in the morning., i guess thats the reason why i hate getting up apart from me being sucha lazy bum).
  • Wish (There were 60 hrs in a day).

Also i wish i could have water melon now.(yum yum)

random post

So i accept being regular with the blogging is not my piece of cake. Life s too busy. And i am extremely lazy. period. Juggling with a thousand things right now. Work, Studies, Parties! You have to admit when you have a lot of work you don’t get bored. You start finding tons of random things “interesting”.  Anything that takes you away from work, watching Pogo non stop, revising friends season for the 10th time, reading up all the xkcd, working on a completely non work related idea.  Alt+tabbing has become a habit now :D. This random post is a perfect example. Should be getting back to work. Damn! My poor Sunday evening!