I had thought 1st blog of the year should be something really awesome, but well.. if i continue thinking that, the blog will never happen. So here goes nothing. (And when i say nothing, i m just trying to be modest here.)
It might come as a surprise to my many fans(:D) that i have never performed on stage. Ever. (well i did in the action song as a kid, but that doesnt really count.).

I like to call it: Danceonstagephobia. Reasons:

1) I will forget the steps and make a fool of myself
2) I might bring an end to the myth that i can dance(My personal opinion.) and end up breaking billions of hearts of the generous souls who think i can dance(again, my personal opinion.)
3) I will look incredibly fat, which you all know I am not. (Not at all.)
4) I will fall down, and make a fool of myself.
5) I will fall down on someone else and make a fool of myself (and a jello of that someone else in the process)
6) The stage will break down and i will fall and i will make a fool of myself.
7) I will fall down and the stage will break. (No. I am not repeating point 6. Its different. Read again.)

Being the awesomely brave person i am, i decided to fight my fears and went ahead with the performance. Surprisingly and thankfully, everything went perfect. Well.. not everything. Mmm.. nothing actually, except probably the last two. The stage did not break.(Almost)
The best part however is, i was in the extreme corner so i dont think anyone really noticed me :D. None of my friends made fun of me really. They were either being nice, dint even recognize me with all the makeup or dint get any chance. Now being an incredibly generous friend (yup, thats me), here is your chance:
Notice the tiny(not fat) dot in extreme left at the back?? Thats me. 😀