The Last Lecture

Just finished reading up this book. “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch. Truly inspiring. The guy just a few months away from his death captures his best moments, takes us through his childhood dreams and gives us this amazing insight into what made his life so amazing. Definitely makes me think about what i will say if i ever had to give a “Last Lecture”(hopefully not soon).

I remember being 12-13ish and living in a society. I remember the moonlight picnics we used to have, where the kids would bring dinners to the roof in the night and share it. One of the max fun memory i have is of the “mount averest” game where we would pretend being followed by huge Yetis and hopping around to avoid the hot lava. :D:D

As a little kid, i wanted to become an astronaut. I dont think i knew the word then. I remember “knowing” that earth is blue and its round and we live “inside” it. I guess i was confusing with the horizen effect and the earth being round. 😀

Just like Randy mentions my parents have always been super cool. They would never stop us from doing weird things. Those weekly exhibitions me and my brothers would hold. The bestest of it being the planetorium my elder brother managed to makefrom the refrigirator carton. He made a few holes with the compass,  he wud make us go through a tunnel(tv carton) and once we were in, he wud throw the torch light from outside. Most beautiful “made up” stars i ever saw!!

Me and Bhaiya                                                        All of us in Khandala

We had shifted to my Dads office compound. The whole area was abundant with all kinds of trees, animals, birds. What i remember max are the peacocks!!! How they wd dance every morning in front of our lawn. And i remember the mango tree, the tricks and techniques we would use to make the fruit fall off. Another thing i realize after reading the book, how glad i am that my parents let the lawn remain our playground unlike the neighbours who had pretty flowers in theirs. My dad always encouraged us to go out, play, often joining us.

I remember the time when i came second missing the 1st position by just 0.1% in the class. I was so disappointed, i remember falling sick. When my dad got transferred from Delhi to Bhuvaneshwar,it was probably the most upsetting thing i experienced as a kid. I remember crying my eyes out for days, missing my school, my friends, my teachers. Kinda feels funny now. Makes me realize no matter how crazily difficult, heartbreaking and impossible the situation seems, the time always passes by and when you look back you realize it wasnt worth getting so much upset about.

Now that i am in bangalore, away from my parents, the thing i remember most is my mom’s hand. They are so pink, they always look like being smudged with “red holi wala gulal”.

Life in bangalore however has been awesome till now. Have an amazing group of friends. Crazily fun gang, highly motivated and party freaks. Deepak(my younger bro) being here is just the cherry on top. The random bike rides, going to CCDs, sitting there for hours reading a book, going for movie at 10 pm at night. I realize this is time i will probably never forget.

Recalling all these sure makes me feel lucky. Its never too soon to start looking back :):)