Bday 09

“Surprise!!”, they shouted when i entered the room. It was filled with the smoke clouds. The disco lights danced around the wall, 100-200 red heart shaped balloons lying on the floor. 15-20 people all in red, “Monika… oh my darling!!” they sang… And that was how my Xth birthday started!
They had some sheets of paper in hand and asked me count.. and by the time i finished, a huge poster of mine was staring down at me, much like “rab ne bana di jodi style”. Then came the cake, the “happy bday to u…”, blowing the candle, cutting the cake, putting it on my face..

And then came the awesome gifts!! A beautiful handmade card on which everybody had dropped in msgs, One huge easel, lotsa paints, the canvas, brushes, palette, shoes, a bird that sings and dances if you clap near it, more colours, chocolates, another huge photo, more colours, bag, jewelry, teddy basket, another bag, a cute keychain, another bag, more cards and more colours..

And then came the dancing and singing and shouting and more dancing! The party began!!!

I realize how lucky i am to have such amazing gang of friends. The past months have simply been awesome. Life pretty much rocks!