When you are with me..

This is the latest painting I have made. This is probably the first abstract art I have made.

I guess there might be other ways to interpret it. However, this is my interpretation:

When you are with me..

I feel wind in my hair..
sun shining in the sky,
bubbles in my heart..
a fluttering butterfly.

I see no color..
feel their vibrance on my skin,
feel the calm of nothingness..
somewhere deep within.

Everything feels dreamy..
it is all surreal,
I am blind to the world..
I can only feel.

P.S: I am aware there is no word like “vibrance”. I just like the way it sounds. Much like Shakespeare I like to invent words 😀 . Also, there is reflection of the window on the glass frame, hence this photo of the painting is not that great ( the painting looks much better, me thinks 😀 )


Spent the whole day sleeping . Cooked dinner. And painted after a loong time!! i love the easel my friends gave to me on my birthday! It s totally adjustable and i can paint while sitting on a chair as well. I love colouring!! mixing different colours and getting different shades. One thing i have always noticed is that my final painting always comes out different from what i had imagined. Also I need to work on my outlines, and try not smudging them. Note to self : Get bigger sheets to draw on.