Spent the whole day sleeping . Cooked dinner. And painted after a loong time!! i love the easel my friends gave to me on my birthday! It s totally adjustable and i can paint while sitting on a chair as well. I love colouring!! mixing different colours and getting different shades. One thing i have always noticed is that my final painting always comes out different from what i had imagined. Also I need to work on my outlines, and try not smudging them. Note to self : Get bigger sheets to draw on.

Eva and Wall-e

Bought fishy today!! 2 awesome goldfish! One is called Eva and another Wall-e. Both are silver plus red in color. Got red pebbles for the bowl and red stool. I love the way my room looks now.
Eva has a silver face with red lips! looks like she s put on lipstick!! Wall-e is forever hungry!! i think he eats away Eva s food also. I am told not to give them more food than enough. hmm :(.. He keeps pooping in the bowl!
Both of them are very shy of camera, specially Eva. Havnt been able to get a good close up yet.

More pics on my flickr