I had thought 1st blog of the year should be something really awesome, but well.. if i continue thinking that, the blog will never happen. So here goes nothing. (And when i say nothing, i m just trying to be modest here.)
It might come as a surprise to my many fans(:D) that i have never performed on stage. Ever. (well i did in the action song as a kid, but that doesnt really count.).

I like to call it: Danceonstagephobia. Reasons:

1) I will forget the steps and make a fool of myself
2) I might bring an end to the myth that i can dance(My personal opinion.) and end up breaking billions of hearts of the generous souls who think i can dance(again, my personal opinion.)
3) I will look incredibly fat, which you all know I am not. (Not at all.)
4) I will fall down, and make a fool of myself.
5) I will fall down on someone else and make a fool of myself (and a jello of that someone else in the process)
6) The stage will break down and i will fall and i will make a fool of myself.
7) I will fall down and the stage will break. (No. I am not repeating point 6. Its different. Read again.)

Being the awesomely brave person i am, i decided to fight my fears and went ahead with the performance. Surprisingly and thankfully, everything went perfect. Well.. not everything. Mmm.. nothing actually, except probably the last two. The stage did not break.(Almost)
The best part however is, i was in the extreme corner so i dont think anyone really noticed me :D. None of my friends made fun of me really. They were either being nice, dint even recognize me with all the makeup or dint get any chance. Now being an incredibly generous friend (yup, thats me), here is your chance:
Notice the tiny(not fat) dot in extreme left at the back?? Thats me. 😀

London- Supposedly

Back from London. I think i am supposed to write a blog about it. I am feeling a little lazy so I ll just write as much as i m supposed to.
I was supposed to like London right? Mmm.. I did. Kinda..
I was supposed to take a lot of pics. I dint. I made someone else do it for me 😀
See London Eye, Big Ben, Buckingham palace etc etc. Done done and done.
I was supposed to cover a lot of things. All i managed worth mentioning is Bath and Greenvitch. Both awesome. Greenvitch was very pretty. The observatory was very interesting. And we had the most awesome Ethiopian food there!
And i know i was definitely supposed to go clubbing. I did. It wasnt much fun. It was a wrong pub to go to.
I went to a broadway show. I know i was supposed to like it. I dint. It was boring. really boring. Trust me it was!!
I know i wasnt really supposed to go to Manchester and lake district, but i did!! and i m sooo glad i did! because i had so much fun there. country side, safari park, cruise, etc etc.. yay!!
I was supposed to get a visa for Paris etc. But i dint 😦
The tubes are supposed to be awesome. They were.
Radisson hotel is supposed to be great. It was ok. The rooms were dingy. Not really the hotel’s fault. It was central london after all. But still. It was like Harry Potters closet!
London is supposed to be one of the coolest shopping destination. Yes it was.
London is supposed to be very expensive. Yes it was. Very.
I was supposed to shop there. Yes i did. A lot.
According to popular belief people there are supposed to be rude, they were not. They were awesome. I love the fact how jolly and loud and pleasant and polite they are!!
A few of my friends think i was supposed to get a firang guy for myself. In my defense there wasnt enough time!
I think i am supposed to be jet lagged. but people who know me know how screwed up my sleeping cycles are anyways… so..
I was supposed to get chocolates and gifts. I did. Only for those who missed me.
and since i had gone on an official visit and i was supposed to work and since this is a public blog and i know some day my boss might come across this, I am gonna say. I did!!

New phone- Samsung Jet

Finally gave up on iPhone and bought Samsung Jet yesterday! Its pretty cool!

  • Touch screen- Awesome sensitivity, hardly any delay, vibration feedback
  • very sleek- 109 x 54 x 12mm
  • 5 Mega Pixel Cam
  • 2 gb internal memory, 16 Gb expadable.
  • 3G
  • Wifi
  • GPS
  • GPRS
  • Great UI, motion sensor
  • draggable widgets on home screen
  • handwriting detection which works almost 95% of the time
  • can lock specific apps like sms etc
  • Can connect to standard computer speakers.
  • facebook , Google maps etc
  • Bought it for 19K INR.
  • more..

I was considering Nokia 5800, iPhone as well. The main reason for not going for Nokia was it was way too thick. iPhone is damn expensive! As great as jet sounds it does have one major issue. Its based on Samsung propriety OS and hence no external downloadable applications unlike nokia s symbion and iPhone s Apple OS.

Checkout the comparision between these 3 here.

Here s a demo from youtube:


update: 30Nov, 09: The phone totally refuses to boot up. Looks like motherboard is screwed up. Not good!!!

Eva and Wall-e

Bought fishy today!! 2 awesome goldfish! One is called Eva and another Wall-e. Both are silver plus red in color. Got red pebbles for the bowl and red stool. I love the way my room looks now.
Eva has a silver face with red lips! looks like she s put on lipstick!! Wall-e is forever hungry!! i think he eats away Eva s food also. I am told not to give them more food than enough. hmm :(.. He keeps pooping in the bowl!
Both of them are very shy of camera, specially Eva. Havnt been able to get a good close up yet.

More pics on my flickr