Launching new My Yahoo

My Yahoo!

We launched early morning today!! Checkout our beautiful product : (old my yahoo users would need to opt in)

As usual a silly but so true poem from me:


Cute kittens or gadget freak or the wall street guru,
Add content with a swish of a click, discover your world, whatever you want to

Watch the live scores or the showtimes in theaters near you
Checkout the weather before you step out, check the list of “To do”

Add tabs, drag content around, whatever way you want to glue..
“Game of Thrones” fan? you can change to that theme too!

All that you need in one place, in a look fresh and brand new!
It is not his, not her’s, it is My Yahoo!!


Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 7.24.53 AM

Also checkout the video :

Ramblings of a Silly Wife

After working in the same office for over 2 years my awesome darling (stupid) husband recently decided to move to a different company and hence a different office. While I am a big fan of NASA, I don’t necessarily agree with the self proclaimed wise people when they say space is good in a relationship.

The stupid poem I sent him yesterday:

I wait for it to be five like crazy
Oh cruel love of mine..
Why do you go away from me
everyday after nine..

I miss you, my mister,
those eyes, how they wink and twinkle and shine
I miss the cute emoticons
while chatting with you online

I miss bitching about same people
How we used to crib and whine
Work on crazy ideas together
we were partners in crime

I want to be with you every minute, every second
Your presence as intoxicating as old vine
Oh cruel love of mine, then tell me..
why do you have to go away from me everyday .. after nine.


Pen and Paper in hand, I wrote down all the variables, current state, drew a time line, jotted down the priorities and the constraints and started working on the flowcharts. After 2 hours what did I figure out? Not a great way to plan your life.

London- Supposedly

Back from London. I think i am supposed to write a blog about it. I am feeling a little lazy so I ll just write as much as i m supposed to.
I was supposed to like London right? Mmm.. I did. Kinda..
I was supposed to take a lot of pics. I dint. I made someone else do it for me 😀
See London Eye, Big Ben, Buckingham palace etc etc. Done done and done.
I was supposed to cover a lot of things. All i managed worth mentioning is Bath and Greenvitch. Both awesome. Greenvitch was very pretty. The observatory was very interesting. And we had the most awesome Ethiopian food there!
And i know i was definitely supposed to go clubbing. I did. It wasnt much fun. It was a wrong pub to go to.
I went to a broadway show. I know i was supposed to like it. I dint. It was boring. really boring. Trust me it was!!
I know i wasnt really supposed to go to Manchester and lake district, but i did!! and i m sooo glad i did! because i had so much fun there. country side, safari park, cruise, etc etc.. yay!!
I was supposed to get a visa for Paris etc. But i dint 😦
The tubes are supposed to be awesome. They were.
Radisson hotel is supposed to be great. It was ok. The rooms were dingy. Not really the hotel’s fault. It was central london after all. But still. It was like Harry Potters closet!
London is supposed to be one of the coolest shopping destination. Yes it was.
London is supposed to be very expensive. Yes it was. Very.
I was supposed to shop there. Yes i did. A lot.
According to popular belief people there are supposed to be rude, they were not. They were awesome. I love the fact how jolly and loud and pleasant and polite they are!!
A few of my friends think i was supposed to get a firang guy for myself. In my defense there wasnt enough time!
I think i am supposed to be jet lagged. but people who know me know how screwed up my sleeping cycles are anyways… so..
I was supposed to get chocolates and gifts. I did. Only for those who missed me.
and since i had gone on an official visit and i was supposed to work and since this is a public blog and i know some day my boss might come across this, I am gonna say. I did!!

Silly Self-Obsessesive Poem

Wrote this while waiting for a meeting to start in office. hee hee. its silly 😀

Once upon a time there was a king,
He fell in love with a girl so amazing,
He gave away each and everything,
His cape, his crown and his ring,
Be it autumn, winter or refreshing spring..
Be it summer or be it raining,
Late night and early morning..
All he did was dance and sing..
“Monika…. Oh my darling!!!”

To-(want-to)-do list

There are a bunch of things i have been wanting to do.

  • Work on a couple of short story ideas that i have(how short should a short story be ? :-?).
  • Try my hand at painting portraits (which i totally suck at. Trust me i do. I did try a bit and based on that i do. Totally!)
  • Write a blog post(which is tick now i guess).
  • Go to Australia alone(Not happening!).
  • Finish the book i am reading(stupid book. i don like it).
  • Catch up with a lot of friends(Sorry no time).
  • Spend some time doing nothing and getting bored. (ahh, the luxury of getting bored..).
  • Work (a little less than i am doing now a days.)
  • Sleep (More than i m doing now a days).
  • Dream less while sleeping(they are too awesome and extremely vivid, they make my life look miserable in comparison. i hate that feeling in the morning., i guess thats the reason why i hate getting up apart from me being sucha lazy bum).
  • Wish (There were 60 hrs in a day).

Also i wish i could have water melon now.(yum yum)

From Livejournal to WordPress

Just migrated from my live journal blog to the wordpress one. It was way too simple.

  • Go to admin page
  • Click on the tools menu on the left
  • Click on import
  • Import from livejournal
  • Provide your LJ names and password etc.

The only issue i had was with the posts which had images and embed videos. Had to update their markup a little bit.

WordPress seems to have a bunch of awesome features which made me move to it.

  • Cool widgets like being able to add twitter, my links module etc
  • Stats are made available automatically
  • Multiple blogs with same identity
  • Static pages
  • more?

I was considering blogger as well. This link helped me decide.

Not sure what i ll be missing though. Friends/communities? Lets see.

Life in a nutshell

So many things to blog about, no time. To cut several long stories short:
Went for the Bike trip. was awesome fun . love painting, love kids. thinking of mixing the two things. Met Manju. cool lady! Went to Bosco. Utsav- explore, express, exhilarate. Gaia-need to figure out the details. Close friend had a baby. yeee!! Office-Thinking of preparing a tech talk. Parul in blr. Coorg trip. Deepak went back. Mis him a lot. New roommate Vandita. She s fun. Got sponsorship for the stationary from Axis Books. yey!! That 70s show. watch it all day. Inspired by vandita, cleaned the house. Valentine s day. Missed the hack day. Pizzahut-Mr. Unnikrishnan looks positive, fingers crossed. Got a new maid. She understands hindi. Looking forward to the Utsav day over the weekend. Still finalizing on the details.
All this probably doesn’t make much sense. But thats life! and i love it!!

random post

So i accept being regular with the blogging is not my piece of cake. Life s too busy. And i am extremely lazy. period. Juggling with a thousand things right now. Work, Studies, Parties! You have to admit when you have a lot of work you don’t get bored. You start finding tons of random things “interesting”.  Anything that takes you away from work, watching Pogo non stop, revising friends season for the 10th time, reading up all the xkcd, working on a completely non work related idea.  Alt+tabbing has become a habit now :D. This random post is a perfect example. Should be getting back to work. Damn! My poor Sunday evening!

Under the bed monsters

So last night after a really long time i decided to sleep with the lights off. You see, i am scared of the darkness. Terrified actually.

As i lay on my bed staring at my ceiling, i noticed how pretty the floroscent stars i had put long time back, looked. Pretty but spooky. Pretty spooky. The wind crept beneath the curtains reminding me of “The haunting”. Being the brave girl that i am, i laughed at my imagination and decided to get some water. And that is when i heard the noises, whispers coming from under the bed. Definite, noticeable “voices”. My heart collapsed within itself. I could have sworn somebody was there! Between the tick of clock and the swishing sound of wind, i wondered if “they” could hear my heart beat. Trying to make as less sound as possible, I went back to sleeping position, covered my head with the sheet, held my breath and waited..

Couldn’t help coming up with this couplet in my terrified ‘wait’ state:

Soon, very soon the shadows will be gone,
Eyes tight closed, i will wait till the dawn..

A little too dramatic, eh?

Anyways, the happy ending part is when i realized in the morning, the sound was nothing but a piece of paper dancing around in the wind. 😐