Launching new My Yahoo

My Yahoo!

We launched early morning today!! Checkout our beautiful product : (old my yahoo users would need to opt in)

As usual a silly but so true poem from me:


Cute kittens or gadget freak or the wall street guru,
Add content with a swish of a click, discover your world, whatever you want to

Watch the live scores or the showtimes in theaters near you
Checkout the weather before you step out, check the list of “To do”

Add tabs, drag content around, whatever way you want to glue..
“Game of Thrones” fan? you can change to that theme too!

All that you need in one place, in a look fresh and brand new!
It is not his, not her’s, it is My Yahoo!!


Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 7.24.53 AM

Also checkout the video :

Ramblings of a Silly Wife

After working in the same office for over 2 years my awesome darling (stupid) husband recently decided to move to a different company and hence a different office. While I am a big fan of NASA, I don’t necessarily agree with the self proclaimed wise people when they say space is good in a relationship.

The stupid poem I sent him yesterday:

I wait for it to be five like crazy
Oh cruel love of mine..
Why do you go away from me
everyday after nine..

I miss you, my mister,
those eyes, how they wink and twinkle and shine
I miss the cute emoticons
while chatting with you online

I miss bitching about same people
How we used to crib and whine
Work on crazy ideas together
we were partners in crime

I want to be with you every minute, every second
Your presence as intoxicating as old vine
Oh cruel love of mine, then tell me..
why do you have to go away from me everyday .. after nine.


Pen and Paper in hand, I wrote down all the variables, current state, drew a time line, jotted down the priorities and the constraints and started working on the flowcharts. After 2 hours what did I figure out? Not a great way to plan your life.