To-(want-to)-do list

There are a bunch of things i have been wanting to do.

  • Work on a couple of short story ideas that i have(how short should a short story be ? :-?).
  • Try my hand at painting portraits (which i totally suck at. Trust me i do. I did try a bit and based on that i do. Totally!)
  • Write a blog post(which is tick now i guess).
  • Go to Australia alone(Not happening!).
  • Finish the book i am reading(stupid book. i don like it).
  • Catch up with a lot of friends(Sorry no time).
  • Spend some time doing nothing and getting bored. (ahh, the luxury of getting bored..).
  • Work (a little less than i am doing now a days.)
  • Sleep (More than i m doing now a days).
  • Dream less while sleeping(they are too awesome and extremely vivid, they make my life look miserable in comparison. i hate that feeling in the morning., i guess thats the reason why i hate getting up apart from me being sucha lazy bum).
  • Wish (There were 60 hrs in a day).

Also i wish i could have water melon now.(yum yum)


8 thoughts on “To-(want-to)-do list

  1. Dreamer! Seems you have lot of unfulfilled wishes and more to add to your to-do list! Australia alone – sounds great .. travelling alone sounds great

    • yeah!! totally!! if i had time i d have gone to mars alone!! just that time hi nahin hota.. kya kare.. i m so busy busy u know .. 😉 😛

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