To-(want-to)-do list

There are a bunch of things i have been wanting to do.

  • Work on a couple of short story ideas that i have(how short should a short story be ? :-?).
  • Try my hand at painting portraits (which i totally suck at. Trust me i do. I did try a bit and based on that i do. Totally!)
  • Write a blog post(which is tick now i guess).
  • Go to Australia alone(Not happening!).
  • Finish the book i am reading(stupid book. i don like it).
  • Catch up with a lot of friends(Sorry no time).
  • Spend some time doing nothing and getting bored. (ahh, the luxury of getting bored..).
  • Work (a little less than i am doing now a days.)
  • Sleep (More than i m doing now a days).
  • Dream less while sleeping(they are too awesome and extremely vivid, they make my life look miserable in comparison. i hate that feeling in the morning., i guess thats the reason why i hate getting up apart from me being sucha lazy bum).
  • Wish (There were 60 hrs in a day).

Also i wish i could have water melon now.(yum yum)

New phone- Samsung Jet

Finally gave up on iPhone and bought Samsung Jet yesterday! Its pretty cool!

  • Touch screen- Awesome sensitivity, hardly any delay, vibration feedback
  • very sleek- 109 x 54 x 12mm
  • 5 Mega Pixel Cam
  • 2 gb internal memory, 16 Gb expadable.
  • 3G
  • Wifi
  • GPS
  • GPRS
  • Great UI, motion sensor
  • draggable widgets on home screen
  • handwriting detection which works almost 95% of the time
  • can lock specific apps like sms etc
  • Can connect to standard computer speakers.
  • facebook , Google maps etc
  • Bought it for 19K INR.
  • more..

I was considering Nokia 5800, iPhone as well. The main reason for not going for Nokia was it was way too thick. iPhone is damn expensive! As great as jet sounds it does have one major issue. Its based on Samsung propriety OS and hence no external downloadable applications unlike nokia s symbion and iPhone s Apple OS.

Checkout the comparision between these 3 here.

Here s a demo from youtube:


update: 30Nov, 09: The phone totally refuses to boot up. Looks like motherboard is screwed up. Not good!!!

From Livejournal to WordPress

Just migrated from my live journal blog to the wordpress one. It was way too simple.

  • Go to admin page
  • Click on the tools menu on the left
  • Click on import
  • Import from livejournal
  • Provide your LJ names and password etc.

The only issue i had was with the posts which had images and embed videos. Had to update their markup a little bit.

WordPress seems to have a bunch of awesome features which made me move to it.

  • Cool widgets like being able to add twitter, my links module etc
  • Stats are made available automatically
  • Multiple blogs with same identity
  • Static pages
  • more?

I was considering blogger as well. This link helped me decide.

Not sure what i ll be missing though. Friends/communities? Lets see.