Life in a nutshell

So many things to blog about, no time. To cut several long stories short:
Went for the Bike trip. was awesome fun . love painting, love kids. thinking of mixing the two things. Met Manju. cool lady! Went to Bosco. Utsav- explore, express, exhilarate. Gaia-need to figure out the details. Close friend had a baby. yeee!! Office-Thinking of preparing a tech talk. Parul in blr. Coorg trip. Deepak went back. Mis him a lot. New roommate Vandita. She s fun. Got sponsorship for the stationary from Axis Books. yey!! That 70s show. watch it all day. Inspired by vandita, cleaned the house. Valentine s day. Missed the hack day. Pizzahut-Mr. Unnikrishnan looks positive, fingers crossed. Got a new maid. She understands hindi. Looking forward to the Utsav day over the weekend. Still finalizing on the details.
All this probably doesn’t make much sense. But thats life! and i love it!!