spirit of life

Yesterday’s blasts shook the city. Even though they were of mild intensity they created a lot of panic. One of my friends was traveling and after 2-3 hours of worrying it was a great relief to finally get his message saying he has reached home.
I remember the blasts in delhi. All of my family members were traveling then. The panic was quadrupled by the fact the cell network was jam and nobody could track where the other person is. Everybody heaved sigh of relief once all of us were back home safe and sound. This however was not true for everybody in the city. The most shocking pictures were of sarojini nagar market, one of my frequent hangout places. One of the bombs was placed at the chaat corner where at any given time at least 30 people are standing. I could only imagine the extent of the impact. The place commonly bubbling with life was in shatters..The most surprising thing however was how within 2 days, it all started looking the same. The shops, the chaats, the crowd, the chattering. It was very heartwarming to witness how life always finds its way.
While coming back i decided to walk back in the rain. Rain always has this enormous effect on me. As i felt the drops trickling down my face i noticed how nothing looked different. The beautiful drizzles, traffic jams.. bangalore lived on. The walk had me reflecting on a lot of things. Life, its spirit, its stubbornness . Life never ceases to amaze me.