Under the bed monsters

So last night after a really long time i decided to sleep with the lights off. You see, i am scared of the darkness. Terrified actually.

As i lay on my bed staring at my ceiling, i noticed how pretty the floroscent stars i had put long time back, looked. Pretty but spooky. Pretty spooky. The wind crept beneath the curtains reminding me of “The haunting”. Being the brave girl that i am, i laughed at my imagination and decided to get some water. And that is when i heard the noises, whispers coming from under the bed. Definite, noticeable “voices”. My heart collapsed within itself. I could have sworn somebody was there! Between the tick of clock and the swishing sound of wind, i wondered if “they” could hear my heart beat. Trying to make as less sound as possible, I went back to sleeping position, covered my head with the sheet, held my breath and waited..

Couldn’t help coming up with this couplet in my terrified ‘wait’ state:

Soon, very soon the shadows will be gone,
Eyes tight closed, i will wait till the dawn..

A little too dramatic, eh?

Anyways, the happy ending part is when i realized in the morning, the sound was nothing but a piece of paper dancing around in the wind. 😐