To blog or not to blog

I have often wondered why i don’t keep a blog. Maybe because i am lazy, maybe because i don’t know what to write, because i think its useless or maybe because i am just too possessive about my “dear diary” and i just don’t want to share it. A lot of reasons not to write, just one for actually sitting and doing it. It sounds like fun, it does. (and i am really bored.)
I have always liked writing poems since the time i used to write for my dad, it is another thing that nobody except him has liked reading them. Anyways here is a sincere effort to keep the rhyming alive. If you read it in a sing song voice you might actually like it.

To write about the way i feel or about the daily deal,
Do i let the words just flow, or think and write real slow..

Do i talk about my friends or about the latest trends,
look back and ponder what i lost, or predict yahoo-microsoft,

Do i really have to share or just beat around here and there,
Do i have to make my poem rhyme(:d) or random scribble will be fine,

Can i crib about my boss and indulge in the latest goss(ip)
Or should i worry people would get cross,

Am i allowed to copy paste or be original even if it is a waste..
Do i run a spell check before, or use instead b4..

Should i confess my fears, or boast about my dares
let you know i m confused, or say who cares,

Or i just not worry, don’t fumble or prepare,
Blog what i want, whatever i want to share..